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Check out the Clay and Fiber Art Show

Let me preface this by admitting I have a weakness for clay. I majored in ceramics for a while before deciding my aspirations were to teach as opposed to becoming an independent artist.  So I was excited about this show. The Meadville Council on the Arts has a gallery on the 2nd floor of the Meadville Market House.  They hold shows all year…. Read more »

How to Shop for Watercolor Supplies (Beginner)

I have no ideas what I’m looking at!?! There are too many choices!?! I don’t know what I should buy!?! I hear this a lot from beginners and even remember feeling it myself when I was first pursuing watercolors. Let me preface this with the fact that this is for beginners.  Those who want to start with watercolors but are completely… Read more »

We made Lego Movies!

So much anticipation for this field trip! I ran across Box of Light Studios when I was researching art activities for a field trip with our Home School Co-operative.  Right away I was excited! See my own kids and many of my students are in that middle age that is often hard to find activities for field trips. There are lots… Read more »

Creating with Text

Ms. Audrey   November 16, 2015   No Comments on Creating with Text

Oh the possibilities with text! When I’m working on a project I spend way too much time playing with different fonts.  Trying them out.  Do they portray the right mood?  Fit with my image?  Are they easy to read?  Then if I start changing the direction of the text…..  Well I could spend an awful lot of time not getting… Read more »

Gift Ideas for the Artistic- Ages 14-Adult

Gift ideas are hard to come by.  We run out of ideas.  You can’t google “What’s the perfect gift for Aunt Mary?”  Well you can but its not very helpful… So if you have a creative/artistic type on your list, I’m hoping I can give you a few ideas. This list is intended for high school aged kids and adults.  It may… Read more »

Gift Ideas for the Artistic- Ages 9-13

What to buy????  What to buy????  A great question… I quizzed my students, paid attention to their favorite supplies to use in class, and visited some local stores to come up with some gift ideas. If you’re like me you need gift ideas for those middle ages, 9-13, but there’s not many ideas out there.  Both of my kids are in this… Read more »

Spotlight Artist- Tami Hritzay

Here we are Folks.  We’re at the final Artist for this series on local Artists from the Recycled Art Show at Campbell Pottery. Meet Tami Hritzay. Tami and I talked for a long time.  We were talking long after everyone else left and the employees were cleaning up the punch and snacks.  We talked a lot about local Art education… Read more »