Monthly Archives: March 2016

Watercolor Painting with Passion

I absolutely loved this last group of self-chosen paintings the Adult Watercolor group did! The Adult Watercolor class is run in 6 week sessions.  Typically the first 4 classes are a walk through lesson focusing on different watercolor techniques. The fifth class students bring in their own picture or combination of pictures to create their own piece. We talk over… Read more »

Reduction Print- Printmaking Series 3

I was so excited to introduce my students to reduction printing! So much problem solving!  And reduction printing is a medium very different than anything most of them have seen before. If you’re curious about what reduction printing is here’s a video that will help explain our process and all the work that these kids did. An animal protrait is a great… Read more »

How to Draw Anything- Drawing Series

New drawing series is coming up.  Last one for this school year.  In this next series we will focus on drawing.  Specifically the focus is observational drawing.  We will learn to see as an artist sees. The ability to take what you see, interpret the lines and values present, and recreate those onto the page, make a huge difference in… Read more »

Spotlight Artist- Bill Racke

I really enjoy going to art openings.  I love the atmosphere that comes from artists gathering together.  And I especially appreciate having the opportunity to talk to the artists about their work. I missed the opening of the Mardi Gras exhibit at the Heeschen Gallery at the Meadville Market House. On the last day of the show I finally got… Read more »