3 Color Reduction Print Video

Reduction Prints are a long process and a difficult topic to explain in a short amount of time.

So off I went to search the wonderful world of YouTube.

But I had a hard time finding a video that showed the process at a level I wanted and stressed the things I wanted to stress.  So I braved making my own video.

So now I’ve ventured into the wonderful world of YouTube myself.

It worked well to introduce my students to the concept.  Since reduction printing is difficult to picture if you have never done anything like this before.

One of my students said,

“I didn’t realize it was you until you said, ‘Always carve away from your body.'”

My response to that, “Yes! They listen well.”

Of course another said I sounded bored.  But hey, everyone’s a critic.

Have you entered the wonderful world of YouTube?  How is it going?



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