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Welcome to my adventures in teaching Art outside of the public school system. I'll share our projects and challenge myself and you to continually improve. So glad you stopped by!

Painting 101- January 2018

When people think about Art their minds often jump to painting. Of course “Art” includes so much more but something about the word “Art” makes our minds go to paintings. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that commonly known Artists of the past are mostly painters, Renoir, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh… Or maybe it’s because painting just… Read more »

Nov/Dec Drawing

Ms. Audrey   October 31, 2017   No Comments on Nov/Dec Drawing

It seems like just about anyone interested in Art wants to improve their drawing. So let’s go in depth with drawing. I LOVE helping people of all ages to improve their drawing stills! Seeing their excitement and pride is so rewarding! This new series will help students gain confidence and skill. Many of the exercises train the brain to see… Read more »

Introduction to Clay: Hand Building

Ms. Audrey Welcome to my adventures in teaching Art outside of the public school system. I’ll share our projects and challenge myself and you to continually improve. So glad you stopped by!

Let’s Draw People- March/April Series

Classes start Monday for Calvary’s after school art classes. This next series is at the request of the students.  They showed interest in drawing, specifically people.  So this series will work with proportion and features.  Whether students chose to draw realistically or more cartoon like this series will help them. Calvary Baptist Grades 5th -12th Mondays 3-4:30 6 week series… Read more »

Exploring Form: Sculpture Series

Exploring Form An exploration into 3 deminsional form. This class will involve a variety of material from air dry clay to packaging tape.  We will use both additive and subtractive techniques as well as a variety of sizes. I absolutely love working in 3 dimensional form and I really enjoy seeing what the students come up with for their sculpture projects…. Read more »

You Design It Series

Our next series starts soon. October 31st to be exact (I had to fiddle with the calendar a little which puts the last day of October in the “November-December” session). We are focusing on design! We’ll venture into topics like designing your own comic strip, Christmas cards, and logos. With such a wide variety of projects we will touch on… Read more »

Color Make Things POP!

Color is so much fun!  I mean who doesn’t love to see how colors play with each other? To start the year off we are jumping right into some fun lessons to start the school year off. We’ll explore some color theory while exploring some fun color projects.  We’ll dive into some Optical Illusion Art, dabble in Pop Art, and… Read more »

May/June Classes at Calvary- Acrylic Painting

New class series announced! Last series held at Calvary for this school year! We have had a great year for our afterschool art enrichment program and we’re going to finish strong! Per the request of one of the students, our last series will be Acrylic Painting. We will venture into color theory (learning how colors work) and really get to… Read more »

Watercolor Painting with Passion

I absolutely loved this last group of self-chosen paintings the Adult Watercolor group did! The Adult Watercolor class is run in 6 week sessions.  Typically the first 4 classes are a walk through lesson focusing on different watercolor techniques. The fifth class students bring in their own picture or combination of pictures to create their own piece. We talk over… Read more »

Reduction Print- Printmaking Series 3

I was so excited to introduce my students to reduction printing! So much problem solving!  And reduction printing is a medium very different than anything most of them have seen before. If you’re curious about what reduction printing is here’s a video that will help explain our process and all the work that these kids did. An animal protrait is a great… Read more »