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Ideas on personal development as an artist, teacher, and business owner.

A Better Me- Thoughts on Personal Development

Students believe I have all the answers. Parents trust me with their precious children. As the teacher, the one with this weighty responsibility, I have an obligation.  A responsibility.  A duty to be all that I can be.  (Did you just sing that in a jingle?  I know I did.) We often get stuck in a rut.  (At least I… Read more »

Do Magazines Count as Personal Development?

Let me first say I’m not talking about the official personal development or continuing education you need to keep your teaching certificate active here in PA. I’m talking about the personal development for you, personally.  The stuff you do to improve yourself as an artist/creative person.  Personal development that makes me a better teacher.  (If you’re interesting in understanding why… Read more »

Art Journal vs Sketchbook for Personal Development

I’m an Art teacher.  Its important to keep improving.  Both as teacher AND as Artist.  When I decided to approach my personal development with purpose I looked into Art Journaling. Wow, the examples on Pinterest when you search “Art Journal!”  Its a bit intimidating.  Okay its really intimidating. Now remember I’m a teacher first.  I don’t typically take the time to… Read more »