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Lessons and examples of student work or what we are doing in class.

Creating with Text

Ms. Audrey   November 16, 2015   No Comments on Creating with Text

Oh the possibilities with text! When I’m working on a project I spend way too much time playing with different fonts.  Trying them out.  Do they portray the right mood?  Fit with my image?  Are they easy to read?  Then if I start changing the direction of the text…..  Well I could spend an awful lot of time not getting… Read more »

Play with the Unexpected

Let’s have some fun today! Let’s play! I love giving this age group (10-16 years) a prompt like this.  You absolutely never know what will come out. I want to encourage freedom and creativity in my students’ artwork.  That’s the whole purpose of this Creativity Series, to have students push themselves past what is comfortable.  I want them to try new things,… Read more »

Why Zentangles?

Ms. Audrey   October 8, 2015   2 Comments on Why Zentangles?

Art Journaling… an intriguing idea.  Fits perfectly with a series on building creativity. I love the idea of doing something everyday.  We do a bit of that with sketchbook assignments.  Anyway to get kids to do Art on their own is a success.  Just like the best way to improve your reading is to read.  The best way to improve your skills in… Read more »

Work those Creativity Muscles

In my best trainer voice… “Come on, push through it.  Mix those colors!  Give me one more print.  You can do this!” Are you sweating yet? Okay…Okay….I’ll stop.  But really creativity is like a muscle.  We have to work it.  Exercise it.  The more we work those creative muscles our creative thoughts are stronger.  Ideas come easier.  You can’t run out… Read more »