Gift Ideas for the Artistic- Ages 14-Adult

Gift ideas are hard to come by.  We run out of ideas.  You can’t google “What’s the perfect gift for Aunt Mary?”  Well you can but its not very helpful…

So if you have a creative/artistic type on your list, I’m hoping I can give you a few ideas.

This list is intended for high school aged kids and adults.  It may seem like a broad range but you will find that many of these ideas fit both.

This age group of students often has some experience but is ready to try some more advanced materials.  Adults tend to not want to spend much money on themselves so bonus art supplies are a great gift.

So I quizzed my students, talked with fellow artists, and stopped in a few stores…

So lets get started…

magazines for artists

Magazines:  I love getting magazines.  Its like a wonderful surprise because I never remember when they are coming.  Not only do I enjoy the articles, I love using the images for inspiration or collages.  There are lots of great ones out there and gifts ones can really be narrowed down to specific interests.  If getting one for a student you will want to check it out before hand because many magazines for “Art” topics will includes questionable images (nudes or “cutting-edge art”).  These first two are interesting and appropriate for the whole age group…

Somerset Studio–  mixed media and assembly type art

Art Journaling– just as the name says…art journaling

Professional Artist– This is one that is more for adults and professional artists but I included it because I find it especially useful.  It will include ideas for promoting your work, expanding sales, and teaching classes/workshops or interviews with artists and peeks in to their studios.

Glitter Henna– Henna is most traditionally used as a nonpermant body art in India.  Beautiful designs, great cultural stories…  This would be a fun one.  Even I would like to experiment with this.



Calligraphy Kit– Fancy writing is fun especially when you have a fancy tip to use.  I could suggest getting the pens and nibs that use ink pots but unless someone is really serious these marker types are a good place to start.  So here’s a calligraphy marker and a lettering book good for beginners or those wanting to take past experiences further.


Adult Coloring Books–  I’ll jump on this bandwagon.  Its a good one!  These coloring books are everywhere and for good reason.  Sometimes its nice to just zone out and play with colors.  Take a look around there are lots of choices to cater to different styles like inspirational quotes, designs, or even Harry Potter.  Oh and if you get one of these include Prismacolor colored pencils or go with gel pens for some fun.


Chinese Brush Painting–  This is a fun one to experiment with.  I mean who doesn’t love the distinctive brush strokes in many Asian artworks.  A ceramic brush holder and really neat ink bowl help add to the whole experience.


Prismacolor Colored Pencils  I love these pencils!  They go on like butter.  They are so smooth.  Anyone who likes to draw in color will enjoy these.  Using these is such a treat especially if you are used to using any other brand.  Even if they already have some more is always appreciated.


Exacto Knife–  This here is like a treasure box.  Xacto knives are used for lots of precision cuts in both the 2D and 3D art fields.  I got one of these and was excited to just open it and stare at it.  So many possibilities!  I don’t know what I’ll do with all those blades but I’ll figure it out.  Don’t worry.


Origami Jewelry– A fun step up for those with better fine motor movement.  Good for both beginner or those with some experience.  And don’t forget to include some paper.


Art Supply Subscriptions–  An Artist friend of mine and I were just talking about these box subscriptions.  How fun would it be to receive a brand new sampling of art goodies to try out each month!  Though I know that every medium is not my forte or my favorite I would love the opportunity to try out new stuff.  Many have project ideas too, that help you test new materials.  I’ve provided the links so you could take a look but I don’t have any association with them.

Art Snacks– Seems to mostly be for illustrator types.  2D drawing and adding color materials.  One of the most cost effective.

Smile Create Repeat–  Has the distinctive of including a Creativity Card lesson.  Also a cost effective one.

SketchBox–  Includes an example of an artist’s work for inspiration.  Close in price to the first two.

Smart Art–   This one is the cream of the crop, the Taj Mahal.  A full project with all the supplies needed to complete.  If you want to send a REALLY nice one, this would be it.


Or put together a Gift Basket:

Sketch Kit–  Drawing/sketching skill is such a asset.  If you have someone on your list who shows an interest in this area, nurture it!  Beyond the basics that I included for the 9-13 gift ideas list in this post, I’ve added items that naturally expand the same skills but with some variety of material.  For example I enjoy sketching but mostly use plain pencil and paper, I don’t often get the change to use toned paper or charcoal.

Artist gift basket ideas

Sketchbook, drawing pencils with erasers, toned paper, drawing kit extras with charcoal, colored sticks, and drawing tools, and micron pens.


Painting Kit:  A collection of all you need to create a painting.  Make sure the canvases are primed (professional painters often stretch and gesso their own canvases, one that’s ready to go is really nice).

Painting Kit

canvas, gesso, brushes, paints, palette paper, and palette knife.


Watercolorist Gift basket–  I’ve recently been enjoying watercolors.  I enjoy venturing into color but would love some extras like I’ve included here.  So even if the gift receiver has some experience in watercolor these are some great add-ons.  Oh and I forgot to include it in the visual but watercolor pencils are fun and something that many don’t have any experience with.

watercolorist gift basket

watercolor sketchbook, watercolor postcards, watercolor paint (Reeves is a good student grade brand, works well)watercolor pencils, palette, fine mist spray bottle, new brushes (Simply Simmons are good brushes, most of the time brushes are sold one at a time so be sure to read the description and be sure you choose watercolor brushes a #6,8,10 round brush and a 1 inch flat brush are a good start), and masking fluid.


Art Journaling Collection:   A recent class series on Building Creativity was based off of Art Journaling.  The idea is that you do something everyday to express yourself through image and text.  An idea that is great for building creativity for both students and adults.  Those who Art Journal always love extra material to try out, play with, etc.  We can never have too many supplies.  If you even wanted to include some sort of storage container, I’m sure it would get used…

Crafty Collage

Xacto knife, scissors, stencils, paint pens, stamps, ink, gesso, sponges, and micron pens.


Soooo… Any ideas strike your fancy?  I hope so.  And good luck in your gift giving!


You guessed it… there are affiliated links through amazon.  If you follow one of the links and purchase something, it won’t affect your price any but I will get a bit to help support this thing I love.  There are also links to sites that I’m not affiliated with such as the magazine subscriptions and art subscription boxes.

Welcome to my adventures in teaching Art outside of the public school system. I’ll share our projects and challenge myself and you to continually improve. So glad you stopped by!

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      Not stick-on tattoos. But not true henna.

      You make the design yourself with “tattoo marker” and glitter gel. It has samples you can use for a design but you are the one making it. The gems are stick-on.


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