How to Draw Anything- Drawing Series

New drawing series is coming up.  Last one for this school year.  In this next series we will focus on drawing.  Specifically the focus is observational drawing.  We will learn to see as an artist sees. The ability to take what you see, interpret the lines and values present, and recreate those onto the page, make a huge difference in… Read more »

Spotlight Artist- Bill Racke

I really enjoy going to art openings.  I love the atmosphere that comes from artists gathering together.  And I especially appreciate having the opportunity to talk to the artists about their work. I missed the opening of the Mardi Gras exhibit at the Heeschen Gallery at the Meadville Market House. On the last day of the show I finally got… Read more »

3 Color Reduction Print Video

Reduction Prints are a long process and a difficult topic to explain in a short amount of time. So off I went to search the wonderful world of YouTube. But I had a hard time finding a video that showed the process at a level I wanted and stressed the things I wanted to stress.  So I braved making my… Read more »

Tile Design- Printmaking Series 2

Break out the linoleum cutters and the bench hooks! We get to start carving! With the Introduction to Printmaking, they got a good idea of the process. Our next project is a Tile Design Print. In order to get a successful design we needed to do some prep work. Basic symmetry is like a mirror.  If you were to cut… Read more »

Drawing Series- March/April 2016

February is almost done and our most recent Printmaking Series is winding down. We are prepping for our new series.  For Calvary Baptist in Meadville this will be our March/April Session.  In this next series we will focus on drawing.  Specifically the focus is observational drawing.  We will learn to see as an artist sees. The ability to take what… Read more »

Printmaking Introduction

Aaaah!  The sound of a brayer going back and forth across the perfect amount ink.  It’s a unique sound.  Kind of like the sound of Velcro but not quite. I was excited to share the joy of that sound with my students. It has been quite some time since I’ve done printmaking but that sound brought me back. Okay you… Read more »

Do Magazines Count as Personal Development?

Let me first say I’m not talking about the official personal development or continuing education you need to keep your teaching certificate active here in PA. I’m talking about the personal development for you, personally.  The stuff you do to improve yourself as an artist/creative person.  Personal development that makes me a better teacher.  (If you’re interesting in understanding why… Read more »

Beginning Watercolor- Adults

New Beginning Watercolor Class starting… Here’s the bare bones… Beginning Watercolor Class Tuesday mornings from 10-12 January 26- March 1st (Make up day- March 8th) Tuition $60 or $10 per class All supplies included If you would like more information keep reading… Taking a watercolor class is an investment in yourself, a chance to fellowhip with like minded individuals.  In… Read more »

How to Plan a Printmaking Unit

Plan a printmaking unit

As a private art instructor, I plan my lessons a bit differently than public school teachers.  I don’t have a curriculum that I follow but I am sure to base my lessons on the Elements of Art and Principles of Designs, Art History and Culture, or specific skills or medium.  My goal is giving my students a good base of information… Read more »

Detailed Building- Perspective Series 5

Who wouldn’t love to design their own building! After 4 weeks of perspective with an introduction, name project, room, and birdhouses, we are ready to finish off this perspective series.  Our final project is a culmination of our problem solving skills with perspective. We are designing a detailed building. We have 2 days with 1.5 hr classes.  Plenty of time… Read more »