Spotlight Artist- Amy Hahn

A recent visit to the Stonewall Gallery at Campbell Pottery inspired this series of local Artists.  So far we have met Katie LeVan and Mike Saletra.

This next Artist was hard to pin down so this post a bit shorter.  But I still wanted to include it.

You see Amy Hahn is the Gallery Director.  And being a good Gallery Director she kept trying to turn the focus onto all the other Artists.  Especially on the fact that many of these Artists have never shown before.  And being a good Gallery Director she had a lot of other responsibilities as well.  In fact I wasn’t even able to get a picture of her because I thought I would be able to talk with her again.  But I got busy and she got busy so I’ll just share the little bit I got from her with you.

Amy made this gorgeous piece.  The picture I got…not so gorgeous… So sorry!

amy's dog edited

Its a black and white dog just sitting waiting for attention.  A cute little thing with one ear folded down.  It’s made of shiney little “tiles” set in a dark grout.

Amy was able to use bits of broken lamps for the white and a bar top for the black.

Wondering how she made the structure for it?  Well its paper-mache on a wire frame.

I just can’t imagine the time it took to place all those tiny pieces.  I mean just look at the precision used to detail the bones.

Amy's dog close up 2

And look at those little paws!

I wish I had gotten more and better photos.  (Dreaming of a new camera…)  And I wish I would have gotten a chance to speak with Amy a bit more.  But I do just love this little dog.

And even better than looking at my terribly lacking pictures… Go see it in person.  Its still there until November 1st.


Welcome to my adventures in teaching Art outside of the public school system. I’ll share our projects and challenge myself and you to continually improve. So glad you stopped by!

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