Spotlight Artist- Debra Brown

I hope you’ve gotten a chance to visit the Recycled Art Show at the Stonewall Gallery at Campbell Pottery.  You can read about my experience here.  I thoroughly enjoyed having the time to chat with local Artists like Katie LeVan, Mike Saletra, Amy Hahn, Debra Brown, Jody Neugebauer, and Tami Hritzay.

The next of this “Spotlight on local Artists” series is Debra Brown.


Her piece is like a personal walk on the beach.  You see Debra lives in Ashtabula on the lake.  She has a sun room that has beach drift wood, stones, glass, and other treasures she has collected.  And that’s how this piece came to life.  From two pieces of drift wood.

Debra's piece

When asked to participate in the show Debra looked at the drift wood and knew she just had to use those.  She added the foam head that was laying around.  And this lady just took on a life of her own.

I got to see pictures of her in progress and that was fun!  I love to see how Artists approach a problem.

The rib bones are from their favorite restaurant but that didn’t get her enough.  So she had to buy ribs for dinner in order to get enough to finish it.  Her husband especially liked that part of the artistic process 😉

Debra bones

Chicken bones, from a night of chicken wings, are used for the necklace (another part her husbanded enjoyed).  Stones for the face are from the beach as are the drift wood ears.  Her accessories are also from this and that collected on the beach.

Debra face

She really is a beach walk experience.

Take a look at the beautiful hair.  All individually braided and added and wound into place.

Debra hair

Debra said she really didn’t talk to her (the sculpture) much but does admit to yelling at her every so often.  Especially when she was having trouble balancing.

Here’s a photo from Debra’s Facebook page.  (She definitely has a better camera than I do.)

Debra Brown

This was a fun challenge for Debra.  She has dabbled in many Art mediums.  Currently she dyes/paints silk scarves like the one she was wearing at the show.

You can find Debra on Facebook as Girls of the Galaxy.

How about you?  Do nature walks influence your Art like Debra’s beach walks influence her?

Welcome to my adventures in teaching Art outside of the public school system. I’ll share our projects and challenge myself and you to continually improve. So glad you stopped by!

2 thoughts on “Spotlight Artist- Debra Brown

  1. Debra Brown

    Audrey, thank you for the nice review on your blog. It was a pleasure talking to you and sharing a fun experience on how my piece came about. Good luck with your endeavors…peace & love, Debra


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