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Introduction to Clay: Hand Building

Ms. Audrey Welcome to my adventures in teaching Art outside of the public school system. I’ll share our projects and challenge myself and you to continually improve. So glad you stopped by!

Exploring Form: Sculpture Series

Exploring Form An exploration into 3 deminsional form. This class will involve a variety of material from air dry clay to packaging tape.  We will use both additive and subtractive techniques as well as a variety of sizes. I absolutely love working in 3 dimensional form and I really enjoy seeing what the students come up with for their sculpture projects…. Read more »

Color Make Things POP!

Color is so much fun!  I mean who doesn’t love to see how colors play with each other? To start the year off we are jumping right into some fun lessons to start the school year off. We’ll explore some color theory while exploring some fun color projects.  We’ll dive into some Optical Illusion Art, dabble in Pop Art, and… Read more »

May/June Classes at Calvary- Acrylic Painting

New class series announced! Last series held at Calvary for this school year! We have had a great year for our afterschool art enrichment program and we’re going to finish strong! Per the request of one of the students, our last series will be Acrylic Painting. We will venture into color theory (learning how colors work) and really get to… Read more »

Drawing Series- March/April 2016

February is almost done and our most recent Printmaking Series is winding down. We are prepping for our new series.  For Calvary Baptist in Meadville this will be our March/April Session.  In this next series we will focus on drawing.  Specifically the focus is observational drawing.  We will learn to see as an artist sees. The ability to take what… Read more »

Introduction to Printmaking

Introduction to Printmaking

New classes coming January 2016 Printmaking is the process of transferring an image onto another surface, usually paper.  This series will ease students into the printmaking process.  We’ll learn printmaking skills and vocabulary.  Then we’ll move onto more in-depth printmaking projects as the series goes on.  Specifically we will delve into block printing. After School Arts Enrichment Class at Calvary… Read more »

November/December Classes at Calvary

New Class Alert!!!!! After School Arts Enrichment Class at Calvary Perspective is used to help show distance.  Its most commonly recognized by a road or fence line that disappears into the distance.  This class we will start with one-point perspective then move onto two-point perspective.  Depending on group progress we may venture into three-point and elliptical perspective. November and December… Read more »