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Check out the Clay and Fiber Art Show

Let me preface this by admitting I have a weakness for clay. I majored in ceramics for a while before deciding my aspirations were to teach as opposed to becoming an independent artist.  So I was excited about this show. The Meadville Council on the Arts has a gallery on the 2nd floor of the Meadville Market House.  They hold shows all year…. Read more »

Spotlight Artist- Tami Hritzay

Here we are Folks.  We’re at the final Artist for this series on local Artists from the Recycled Art Show at Campbell Pottery. Meet Tami Hritzay. Tami and I talked for a long time.  We were talking long after everyone else left and the employees were cleaning up the punch and snacks.  We talked a lot about local Art education… Read more »

Spotlight Artist- Jody Neugebauer

This next artist really helped contribute to the wonderful variety of pieces at Campbell Pottery’s Stonewall Gallery in their recent Recycle, Renew, Reuse Show.  She called herself a Gourd Artist. Jody Neugebauer is from Sandy Lake and often shows at Campbell’s.  Her love of nature & animals really shows in her pieces.  Current work seems African inspired especially the pieces in this… Read more »

Spotlight Artist- Debra Brown

I hope you’ve gotten a chance to visit the Recycled Art Show at the Stonewall Gallery at Campbell Pottery.  You can read about my experience here.  I thoroughly enjoyed having the time to chat with local Artists like Katie LeVan, Mike Saletra, Amy Hahn, Debra Brown, Jody Neugebauer, and Tami Hritzay. The next of this “Spotlight on local Artists” series… Read more »

Spotlight Artist- Amy Hahn

A recent visit to the Stonewall Gallery at Campbell Pottery inspired this series of local Artists.  So far we have met Katie LeVan and Mike Saletra. This next Artist was hard to pin down so this post a bit shorter.  But I still wanted to include it. You see Amy Hahn is the Gallery Director.  And being a good Gallery… Read more »

Spotlight Artist- Mike Saletra

After visiting Stonewall Gallery at Campbell Pottery for their Recycled Art Show, I started this series on some of the local Artists I got to speak with while there.  You can take a virtual field trip of the show here or read about the first Artist of this series- Katie LeVan in this post. Today I’ll introduce you to Mike Saletra. … Read more »

Why Focus on Local Arts?

Festivals Art shows Museums Galleries Theaters Concerts Street Art Oh My Goodness!  Have you looked, I mean really looked, at all the Arts in your community? When I started to purposely seek out the local Arts, I was amazed at what’s out there.  Even in a small town area such as ours.  Even on a far from anywhere fire hall in a… Read more »