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One Point Perspective Name- Perspective Series 2

one point perspective names coloring

The age group I work with loves to use their names for projects. When doing our creativity building series, we did zentangle names.  For the 2nd day of our perspective series we used names to further our understanding of one point perspective. So here is our One Point Perspective Name project… Before beginning this project we started with a basic… Read more »

Getting a Perspective on Perspective- An Introduction

A technical drawing skill like perspective is a great one to learn because it gives students the ability to be successful.  And I love an opportunity to give students a chance at success! I like the definition on Dictionary.com.  Perspective is the theory or art of suggesting three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface, in order to recreate the appearance and… Read more »

November/December Classes at Calvary

New Class Alert!!!!! After School Arts Enrichment Class at Calvary Perspective is used to help show distance.  Its most commonly recognized by a road or fence line that disappears into the distance.  This class we will start with one-point perspective then move onto two-point perspective.  Depending on group progress we may venture into three-point and elliptical perspective. November and December… Read more »