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Reduction Print- Printmaking Series 3

I was so excited to introduce my students to reduction printing! So much problem solving!  And reduction printing is a medium very different than anything most of them have seen before. If you’re curious about what reduction printing is here’s a video that will help explain our process and all the work that these kids did. An animal protrait is a great… Read more »

3 Color Reduction Print Video

Reduction Prints are a long process and a difficult topic to explain in a short amount of time. So off I went to search the wonderful world of YouTube. But I had a hard time finding a video that showed the process at a level I wanted and stressed the things I wanted to stress.  So I braved making my… Read more »

Printmaking Introduction

Aaaah!  The sound of a brayer going back and forth across the perfect amount ink.  It’s a unique sound.  Kind of like the sound of Velcro but not quite. I was excited to share the joy of that sound with my students. It has been quite some time since I’ve done printmaking but that sound brought me back. Okay you… Read more »

Introduction to Printmaking

Introduction to Printmaking

New classes coming January 2016 Printmaking is the process of transferring an image onto another surface, usually paper.  This series will ease students into the printmaking process.  We’ll learn printmaking skills and vocabulary.  Then we’ll move onto more in-depth printmaking projects as the series goes on.  Specifically we will delve into block printing. After School Arts Enrichment Class at Calvary… Read more »