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How to Shop for Watercolor Supplies (Beginner)

I have no ideas what I’m looking at!?! There are too many choices!?! I don’t know what I should buy!?! I hear this a lot from beginners and even remember feeling it myself when I was first pursuing watercolors. Let me preface this with the fact that this is for beginners.  Those who want to start with watercolors but are completely… Read more »

Gift Ideas for the Artistic- Ages 14-Adult

Gift ideas are hard to come by.  We run out of ideas.  You can’t google “What’s the perfect gift for Aunt Mary?”  Well you can but its not very helpful… So if you have a creative/artistic type on your list, I’m hoping I can give you a few ideas. This list is intended for high school aged kids and adults.  It may… Read more »