Virtual Field Trip- Stonewall Gallery

I hate to even admit this.  Its just so shameful.  I mean I’ve lived in this area forever.  This place has been here forever.  People travel great distances to visit this place.  But here it is…

This was my first visit to the Campbell Pottery Store & Gallery.

There I said it.  Are you all going to abandon me now???

But seriously, this is a prime example of how we take local Arts for granted.

If you’re not familiar with Campbell Pottery Store & Gallery  let me tell you just a little bit.

Bill Campbell is the Master Potter or founder of Campbell Pottery.  He’s been making award winning porcelain for over 40 years.  His wife Jane stopped making jewelry to manage the store.  Campbell Pottery is nationally recognized and their once tool shed/barn is now an absolutely stunning Store and Gallery.  Read more about Campbell’s origins here.

Who would have thought you would find the well known Campbell Pottery “Barn” surrounded by fields outside the little town of Cambridge Springs in rural Pennsylvania.

My first experience…

As I walked in the Store there was SO MUCH STUFF.  And I say that in the nicest possible way.  Beautiful pieces everywhere.  Not just pottery but metal, mobiles, jewelry, wall hangings, SO MUCH.  It was everywhere!

Store 1

I’ll admit I was anxious to see the show in the Gallery so I went a bit quick through the store.  I went up several levels, across an open loft area, and back down again to another section of the store.

Store 2

Among the many, many tumblers, mugs, plates, and bowls I saw the sign for the Stonewall Gallery.

I went down a beautiful country stairway.


And presto!  I was in the Gallery.  Of course if I would have just gone in this way I would have come directly into the Gallery.

In college, I’d gone to a few shows.  And this was typical of what I was familiar with.  Finger foods and punch.  Lots of people mingling around.  Some in groups chatting.  Others studying the work on display.

People mingling

What a variety!

The Show was for Recycled Art.  There were pieces out of paper, wood, metal, fabric, cardboard… You name it.  Both 2D and 3D subjects.  Abstracts, landscapes, portraits, sculpture…

Cardboard forest landscape with bird


After I got a feel for the place and looked around, I noticed Artists were encouraged to wear a name tag.  So I approached a few.

Portrait with google eyesportrait with glasses and nose

With a bit of prodding, I got some great stories from them.  I didn’t have a script or anything when I started talking to them but just asked them a bit as the conversation lead.

tree spiritstin

I would ask them of their ideas.  Their material.  If they made the piece specifically for the show or if it is something they usually do.  I would have them talk through their process and about their life.

wide shot with manequin

When I first decided to go to the show and thought about writing up the experience, I figured one page.  One post would do it.  A little snippet of the visit and maybe a few sentences about any Artist I could speak to.

wide shot carboard bird landscape

But there is so much more!

Each Artist had such interesting things to say about their work or themselves that I just can’t fit it all into just one post.  So I decided to do a series on some of the local Artists from this show.  Through the next couple of posts I’ll bring you the different Artists I had the opportunity to speak with.

Katie LeVan

Mike Saletra

Amy Hahn

Debra Brown

Jody Neugebauer

Tami Hritzay

This was so much fun!  I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I did.

Go see the Show yourself, if you can, before it closes November 1st.

Welcome to my adventures in teaching Art outside of the public school system. I’ll share our projects and challenge myself and you to continually improve. So glad you stopped by!

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