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Lessons and examples of student work or what we are doing in class.

Watercolor Painting with Passion

I absolutely loved this last group of self-chosen paintings the Adult Watercolor group did! The Adult Watercolor class is run in 6 week sessions.  Typically the first 4 classes are a walk through lesson focusing on different watercolor techniques. The fifth class students bring in their own picture or combination of pictures to create their own piece. We talk over… Read more »

Reduction Print- Printmaking Series 3

I was so excited to introduce my students to reduction printing! So much problem solving!  And reduction printing is a medium very different than anything most of them have seen before. If you’re curious about what reduction printing is here’s a video that will help explain our process and all the work that these kids did. An animal protrait is a great… Read more »

Tile Design- Printmaking Series 2

Break out the linoleum cutters and the bench hooks! We get to start carving! With the Introduction to Printmaking, they got a good idea of the process. Our next project is a Tile Design Print. In order to get a successful design we needed to do some prep work. Basic symmetry is like a mirror.  If you were to cut… Read more »

Printmaking Introduction

Aaaah!  The sound of a brayer going back and forth across the perfect amount ink.  It’s a unique sound.  Kind of like the sound of Velcro but not quite. I was excited to share the joy of that sound with my students. It has been quite some time since I’ve done printmaking but that sound brought me back. Okay you… Read more »

How to Plan a Printmaking Unit

Plan a printmaking unit

As a private art instructor, I plan my lessons a bit differently than public school teachers.  I don’t have a curriculum that I follow but I am sure to base my lessons on the Elements of Art and Principles of Designs, Art History and Culture, or specific skills or medium.  My goal is giving my students a good base of information… Read more »

Detailed Building- Perspective Series 5

Who wouldn’t love to design their own building! After 4 weeks of perspective with an introduction, name project, room, and birdhouses, we are ready to finish off this perspective series.  Our final project is a culmination of our problem solving skills with perspective. We are designing a detailed building. We have 2 days with 1.5 hr classes.  Plenty of time… Read more »

Bird Houses – Perspective Series 4

After 3 projects learning one point perspective, (Introduction, Names, and Room) my students have a pretty good idea of how vanishing points work. Today we introduced 2 point perspective.  Floating shapes is one of the most effective projects to learn perspective. But since we already did floating shapes when learning one point, I decided to switch it up just a bit while still getting… Read more »

Designing a Room- Perspective Series 3

Designing a room appeals to my age group because of both the interior designing element and the technical skill. Designing a Room in One Point Perspective We started off with a horizon line and vanishing point.  If you aren’t sure of what I’m talking about check out the perspective introduction. Next we made a square/rectangle that will act as the… Read more »

One Point Perspective Name- Perspective Series 2

one point perspective names coloring

The age group I work with loves to use their names for projects. When doing our creativity building series, we did zentangle names.  For the 2nd day of our perspective series we used names to further our understanding of one point perspective. So here is our One Point Perspective Name project… Before beginning this project we started with a basic… Read more »

Getting a Perspective on Perspective- An Introduction

A technical drawing skill like perspective is a great one to learn because it gives students the ability to be successful.  And I love an opportunity to give students a chance at success! I like the definition on  Perspective is the theory or art of suggesting three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface, in order to recreate the appearance and… Read more »