How to Draw Anything- Drawing Series

New drawing series is coming up.  Last one for this school year. 

In this next series we will focus on drawing.  Specifically the focus is observational drawing.  We will learn to see as an artist sees.

The ability to take what you see, interpret the lines and values present, and recreate those onto the page, make a huge difference in your ability to draw.

By learning to notice lines and values as they really appear and not as you think they should appear, you are able to draw anything!

We will be using a variety of exercises that will help to “train the brain.”  These exercises will help us see how an artist sees.  I like to say that we are “learning to see.”

With tons of practice with both 2D images and 3D forms, everyone’s drawing skills will improve.  Whatever level of drawing someone starts at, this series will improve their drawing skills.  Students will be well on their way to being able to draw anything!

This class is best for ages 10 through high school and is very adaptable for a variety of drawing skills.  Tuesday classes also have a maximum class size of 7 students.  Cost for this 6 week drawing series is $60 which includes all supplies and a simple snack.

Drawing series spring 2016

Contact me for more information or to sign up for this drawing series.



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